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Welcome to the website of the cattery of Scottish cats REGAL PERSON!

We are glad to welcome you to our virtual home!

I am Oksana Litvinova, a felinologist, the breeder and the owner of the cattery!

The cattery is registered in the World Cat Federation (WCF).

We work with the most beautiful and mysterious breed of cats - Scottish Fold. These are cats that have conquered the hearts of millions of people with their charming appearance, huge, wide-open eyes, cute baby faces and fanciful folded ears, and also a wonderful personality. It is difficult to list all the advantages of cats of this breed! But having met them one day, it is not possible not to give your heart to the Scottish cat forever!

The purpose of our breeding activity is to improve the Scottish Fold breed and get healthy, strong, beautiful kittens of a modern breed type. It is very important to us that they become an integral part of the family and a source of happiness for you when they get into your house!

The kittens of very rare, exclusive colors, cinnamon, and fawn, are the pride of the cattery.

Cinnamon is a very rare and desired color; its name comes from the English word cinnamon, which denotes one of the spices. The color is similar to diluted chocolate. The distinguishing features of kittens of cinnamon color are very light, almost white pads of paws, the outlines of lips and eyes, and also the nose leather of pinkish color which acquires the color of cocoa diluted with milk in adult cats. The gene of this color, which was identified 50 years ago, is recessive, so cinnamon kittens are quite rarely born.

Fawn is even more rare color, which is a diluted cinnamon.

Fawn color resembles the color of a young deer or a young roe deer. Fawn has a light beige color, which can be compared with the yellow color of coastal sand.

The nose leather and the pads of paws are of beige pink color. The colors of cinnamon and faun are extremely rare for Scottish Folds, so far only a few Scottish cats of these colors can be found.

Scottish cats in the colors of cinnamon and fawn look really great and luxurious!

You can also buy kittens of classic colors in our cattery, such as chocolate and lilac.

We are happy to answer all your questions and help you choose your pet! We will render assistance in delivery all around the world, as well as advisory support on the maintenance and care of the kitten during its long and happy life in your family.

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