About Scottish Fold and Straight Cat Breed

The Scottish cat is beautiful, mysterious, and graceful!

Scottish cat breed is divided into Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight cats. Both subgroups of the breed are very closely interrelated, and the existence of one of them, excluding the other, is impossible. This is due to the fact that the correct breeding of the Scottish cats is the mating of the representatives of Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight cats. Strong, healthy kittens are obtained as the result of this mating.

Since their birth, Scottish cats remain mysterious and intriguing. The fact is that at birth all the kittens of the Scottish breed have the same ears. And only from the 21st day of their life, the ears of some of them begin to fold into a tight crease - these are Scottish Fold kittens, others remain straight-eared, they are Scottish Straight ones.

In appearance, Scottish cats are the most beautiful representatives of the cat world. They are cats with a round head, a short, wide, straight nose, large, round eyes and a naive look that resembles a baby's look (a baby face), and also with small ears pressed into the fold (at the folds), adding a special piquancy and uniqueness to the image. The body is muscular, on quite long legs, with a broad chest and a long, flexible tail.

The Personality of the Scottish Cat

What is the personality of the Scottish cat? First of all, it should be noted that every kitten is an individual personality, which has been laid since its early age. Therefore, it is very important in what conditions the kitten lives and what kind of upbringing it receives from the very birth in its first house - the cattery. In a good cattery, Scottish kittens have an excellent personality, they are affectionate, trusting and loved, they do not live in cages or enclosures, but get affection, love, and attention, living among people. Such kittens are very affectionate and people-oriented, they like communication, tenderness, human hands.

Scottish cats have a special relationship with children. In my opinion, they are just perfect furry companions even for babies. Scottish cats are deprived of aggression at the genetic level, they are not vindictive. Even if your child accidentally offends or hurts the cat, it will never snarl or hold resentment. And if the parents help their child learn how to properly handle, play and care for the kitten, this attachment will grow into a strong friendship for long happy years. In addition, Scottish cats remain kittens at heart until old age. And they play with different balls and toys with great pleasure even in adulthood, especially if they are involved in the game by a child.

Speaking about the Scottish cats, it is impossible not to mention their high intelligence. They are very intelligent animals, with proper training, they are easy to accustom to the rules and order in your house.

The kitten gets the first skills of cat etiquette in the mother's house - in the cattery where it was born. The kitten will move to your house, being already toilet-and scratching post-trained, it will know what actions are prohibited (for example, hanging on blinds, damage to property with claws in improper places, etc.) It is important that when the kitten gets into a new house, its new owners support the skills obtained in the cattery and immediately set clear boundaries of what is allowed and not in their house. Then the kitten will very quickly understand and accept your rules.

It also depends on the cattery whether the kitten is healthy and cheerful, which also affects its character. Many problems arise from unscrupulous breeders and negligence in the selection of a couple of parents, which leads to the appearance of kittens with chronic diseases. If a kitten feels pain in some part of its body, of course, it will blame the surrounding people for it and, of course, its personality will be spoiled.

Another important factor affecting the nature of the kitten is genetic heredity. Since it is believed that the good personality of a Scottish kitten can be inherited, that is if a Scottish male or female cat has a kind personality and a good temper, then its kitten is more likely to have a kind and good-tempered personality, which is rather characteristic of Scottish Fold, short-haired and long-haired cats.

In our cattery, all the breeding animals, as well as kittens, are regular participants and prize-winners of the international cat shows, they receive high titles and expert ratings confirming their level of conformity to the breed and a wonderful show temperament.

Our breeding animals, as well as all kittens, grow in the family, close to us and our children, sleep and play with us, receive professional upbringing, care, full balanced nutrition, timely quality veterinary care, vaccination, and most importantly - our immense love for them! Therefore, the new owners who buy kittens from our cattery get healthy and strong kittens, which have a very affectionate and gentle personality. They are beautiful, energetic and affectionate cats that are sure to become true members of your family and a source of love and happiness for a long life together!


Purchasing a kitten is a responsible, important step in your life. You buy not a toy, but a new, full-fledged member of the family for the next 15-20 years of your life. Any kitten, like any other animal, requires attention, efforts and financial costs for decent living conditions. Therefore, it is worth thinking over and assessing your abilities. Of course, in return, it will give you its priceless love, faithfulness, and affection. If your desire to purchase a kitten and your means of decent keeping it coincides, we will be happy to help with the choice of a kitten for your family. We will help you properly prepare for the appearance of a kitten in your home and provide advice on the care of the kitten and further maintenance in your home. We will be glad to answer all your questions!

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